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What happens after I purchase my domain?

After a successful domain purchase, our automated system will immediately send a receipt to your email address. Your payment and the order you made are held securely in escrow. It guarantees that you will get either what you’ve ordered or your money back.

In the next 2 business days, our staff will contact you to complete the necessary steps to finish domain transfer. If you don’t reply to our several requests within a week, CosmicDomain may cancel your order and you might lose your domain.

If you are not able to see our emails from CosmicDomain, check your spam folder and make sure that your email address is correctly indicated on our website. If you have provided the wrong contact information, please contact our support team.

If you need any type of help or have questions (e.g. downloading logo design, helping to change DNS settings, etc) feel free to contact us.

Invoices of your purchase

When you buy a domain name on CosmicDomain, the invoice confirming your order will be sent to you.

If you want to pay via wire transfer, CosmicDomain will also give you an email with an invoice – so you can preview it and print it out if appropriate. An example of an invoice can be seen below.

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Payments via Instalments

Termination of Instalment Payments

You have a right to cancel your installment plan at any time, but you will not be eligible for getting any payment you already made for the domain.

If you want to cancel your instalment, you can send us a request via

Taking care of the instalments sooner

If you wish, you can pay the remaining balance for your domain name to own it earlier at any time. No extra fee is charged for doing this.

Please let us know by sending an email to pay off your instalment earlier. In order to speed up the process, we advise you to write your domain name and number of remaining instalments in your message. Our team member will contact you shortly to finalize the payment.

Handling missed and late payments

CosmicDomain will continue to charge you after your successful first payment. If your next payments fail due to several reasons, such as the decline of the card, CosmicDomain will notify you about the error. If you do not complete the payment within 2 weeks, CosmicDomain has a right to cancel the order and the domain will be lost.

You are responsible for providing the correct email address for CosmicDomain and checking the emails we have sent you. We strongly recommend to mark CosmicDomain’s emails as not spam so your email app does not hide our important emails.

Buying domains via instalments

Our domain names can be bought via monthly instalments. CosmicDomain offers a 6-month installment plan for any domains on the website. When you buy a domain via monthly instalments, you’ll pay for the first month’s installment. CosmicDomain holds the domain name securely in Stripe. Then you will have a right to use the domain name: for instance, you can contact us to point DNS to your website, and email service but you will not have ownership until the full payment is done. You’ll be charged automatically every month within 6 months instalment range. At the end of the plan, CosmicDomain will transfer ownership of the domain names to you. We would like to emphasize that If you do not pay your instalments on time, the domain will be returned to its original owner. In the end, you will lose domain usage and will not be paid back for any of your payments.