CosmicDomain provides you with premium domains, and logos for a reasonable price. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their branding goals regardless of the industry they are in. So, if you are hesitant about purchasing a domain straight away, contact us directly so we can discuss your wishes on a personal level!

Small businesses and startups take the majority of our client base. They all differ in terms of industries and business goals. Our proudest clients are: Webzool, Gygzy, PP101, PosVice, TopSlotReviews, StudentLoansResolved

Our team is in constant search for premium domain names that are highly brandable. Coming up with a complete product involves finding a great domain name and branding it based on the industry that it fits.

Finding your great domain is pretty straightforward. You can either browse through the list of domains by clicking on the ‘Domains’ button on the top panel, or click on the ‘Industry’ button to choose your preferred industry and find relative names. There is also a search bar on the home page where you can type keywords or domain names.

Almost all of our domains come with the .com extension which is the most popular extension in the internet world. Depending on your budget, the domains you can get might differ in size and industry perspectives. However, regardless of the price, all of our domains are regarded as being high in quality.

Along with a great domain name that you will get, it will also come with a complete logo and design concepts & mock-ups that you can use on your website, business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. You can check them out by clicking on the domain that you like and scroll down.

The domains sold by CosmicDomain do not come with trademarks.

The purchasing process is quite simple. You may purchase the domain with your credit card or wire the money through a bank. There’s also an option of paying in installments. If you don’t have the means to pay for the whole package at once, that can be your ultimate option.

After a successful purchase of your domain, one of our representatives will contact you shortly via the information you have provided. During the call, all the processes will be discussed including the transfer of your domain to your preferred account.

Refunds will only be made if we fail to transfer the domain to your preferred account within 14 days.

We offer three types of payment methods: card purchase, bank transfer, and instalments.

The easiest option is to pay with your debit or credit card. The process is simple just like in other online stores - you enter your card details and instantly purchase your domain.

The second option is to wire the money through the bank. After you order the domain online, we will quickly send you the details of our bank account so you can transfer the money.

If you don’t have the means to buy your domain at once, you may have the third option. It will allow you to split the amount into either 3 or 6 months. You will be able to use the domain right from the start of the deal, but it will only be transferred to your account once the debt has been settled.

The ultimate goal of our company is to help businesses, startups and individuals build their brands on the world wide web. We provide premium domain names for relatively affordable prices so every small company can essentially get the domain it deserves.

.com extensions have been popular since forever. It is the most used and trusted extension around the globe. However, as more and more businesses go for the .com, it’s slowly getting scarce. Nowadays, it is hard to find decent domain names with this extension.

However, our team of experts at CosmicDomain are good at exploiting untapped resources and collecting the best .com domains out there.

There are lots of advantages we bring to the table. Going to a domain registrar website and trying to find your dream domain is a great idea, however, it can get frustrating when all the domain names you have searched for are already taken by the others.

CosmicDomain removes that frustration by giving you a clear list of domains categorized by industries so you can easily scroll through and pick the on that suits you best.

It usually takes only a few days to transfer your domain once the purchase has been completed. However, if we can’t transfer your domain within 14 days for whatever reason, we will make a full refund.