If you are starting a business in Technology industry, this list of domains will be the strongest candidates to launching your brand.

Technology company names are not all that they used to be. Back in the day, when you wanted to name your company, you would slap your own, or family name to make sure everyone knew who owned the business. With the growing technological advancements of the 21st Century, things are not that simple. The practice of establishing a single domain name has turned into an elaborate art. You have lots on your plate when it comes to finding the right name. There are many things to consider stretching from keeping it simple, to finding the title that best suits your company image. 


As stated above, establishing the right domain name for your tech company is very crucial for the success of your business. Settling with the wrong tech company names can prove to be worse than you anticipated. Changing a company name can prove to be full of hassles, like hurting your brand name, and affecting your search ranking within search engines like Google. This makes it important to settle on the best technology company names from the get-go. It is no secret that it can be quite a challenge to come up with catchy business names. You should also remember that your business name has to translate well into the domain name it will carry. 


Consider a domain name with “.com”

The vast existence of the internet has given way to new domain extension names of today. This spans the reaches of the original .com, .org, and .net. There are even many niche domain extensions like .blog, .photography, and even .pizza. In most cases, sticking with the .com domain name is highly recommended. Although frequently it could be tempted to go for a rather smart domain extension, your best bet would be to stick with .com. The reason for this is, .com remains as a very credible and established domain name extension. 


New and hip domain extension names such as, .pizza and .ninja can be less than trustworthy for many visitors. Besides the credibility of a website, dot-com extensions remain the most memorable for many online users. Not everyone on the internet is a tech-savvy domain expert, so many are likely to slap a .com at the end of every website name without even considering it. Imagine a scenario where you have a website that ends, and an unsuspecting visitor is trying to visit your website to purchase some goods. If they are trying to enter the website from memory, they are likely to input, which will either go to a different page or show an error.


This makes it more than recommended to avoid the risk by going with a .com domain extension name. It is also important to add that most keyboards on smartphones already have a .com button. 


Include keywords in the domain search name

Nowadays, having a domain name like “Bob’s” would not be too helpful in your quest to rank high among competitors. This is made more evident by the fact that keywords have deep roots in the domain game. Utilizing the power of keywords and using them in your domain name, can help tell search engines about your website, and what you do. Technology company names are somewhat easier to guide in this regard. A simple tech company name like “Fred’s Circuit Boards” can be used in domain names to better match your offering of circuit boards. Keeping this in mind, coupled with great user experience and quality content, your domain name with a keyword will boost your ranking in Google. 


It is no secret that finding the right domain name that houses your target keywords will be hard. Most of them will already be taken. Your only option will be to browse technology business names that are creative and give you the option to combine your keywords to give you a domain that stands out from the crowd. 


Keep Technology Company Names short and simple.

Learning about the importance of keywords may cause you to panic and go overboard with the length of your domain name. This can be a major mistake on your part. Experts advise that you go with technology company names that are memorable, short, and make for a good domain name. Fifteen character domain names are seen as the maximum in the industry. Anything over 15 characters may prove to be harder for users to remember. There is also the risk of users being prone to typos when entering longer domain names. Even though 15 characters are seen as the maximum, you should be focused on keeping things lower than that number to avoid traffic loss. 


Pronunciation and Spelling

Tech company names can sometimes be quite elaborate and scientific. Going all Frankenstein with your company name can be a real gamble. Reason being that your domain name should be easily shareable when it comes to writing as well as speaking. As a fresh business going through technology company names to choose from, you can never know when you will be asked to share your website domain in person. You can also use your tech business names to create a business email address in professional meetings. The domain name you use should be easy to spell and understand for anyone attending these meetings. 


Uniqueness and Branding 

Adding to your challenge of finding technology company names that best suits you is finding a unique domain name. This is done to stand out in the mind of your readers. Your best bet of finding unique technology company domain names is to do a bit of research yourself. You can do this by going through different blogs written in your niche, and see the domain names that they use. Getting accused of copying other bloggers, and using trademark names can damage your image as a legitimate business. 


Finding technology company names that fit future branding campaigns is also essential. Settling on brandable domain names can also be seen as a smart business initiative. Brandable domain names should be catchy, unique, and memorable. Take, for example, “,” which is a widely famous online store. eBay is a much more brandable name than something like “”


Avoiding hyphens

Hyphens have gotten a bad wrap in the domain world, and for the right reasons. They have long been used in spam domains, which should give you all the reasons to avoid using them. Being associated with a spam domain name can set you back considerably, causing you to start looking for other technology company names.  


Besides the fishiness factor, domain names that have hyphens in them are prone to have typos. Imagine settling on a domain name that has hyphens because a name you wanted is already taken. Your potential customers are likely to end up on a competitor’s website just because they forgot a hyphen. 


Double letters are a no-go.

It may not seem like a bad idea initially, but settling on technology business names that have double letters is risky. They carry the same risks as having hyphens in your domain name. You can lose traffic because of typos, if you decide to have double letters in your domain name. For example, a website domain name like “” is destined to face many typos and cause a loss in traffic. In short, ditching double letters in domain names can result in more brandable and easy technology company names. 


Room for future expansion

As you might have already planned out when looking through technology company names, settling on a domain name that is industry-related is essential. Deciding on a name that is niche friendly is crucial because it can give internet users an idea of your website and business. 


But, it is also advised that you do not limit your options in the long run. For example, take a case where you might open a website with a domain name “Fred’” and start selling brake pads on the web. But after some time you decide to expand your business and sell other car components, you won’t have much luck with that specific domain name. You will have a hard time attracting customers looking for lots of different car parts. As a result of this, moving to your new domain can be quite a hassle. You can end up losing rankings in search engine results pages. Hence, you should choose the correct domain name right from the start. 


Research your domain name beforehand

Before settling on a domain name, you should get some information on its current status. Is there a business that is currently using the same name? If not, you are set to go. Performing a trademark search to see the exact domain name, or a similar one and its status on being trademarked is your best option. 


Another simpler way of performing this check is to do a simple Google search. By simply Googling different technology company names, you can see their current status and their availability on many social media hotspots like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Having a company name that is the same or even matching would do more than cause confusion. Such issues can even cause you massive legal troubles that end in big money losses. After you have fully settled on the name, you can work on logos and even trademarking your domain name. 


Domain name generators for the win!

Currently, there are more than 370 million registered domain names on the web, and the number is only extensively growing by the day. This fact alone can lead you to believe that all the good domain names have already been taken. If you simply do not have the time to sit down and find an individual domain name can take more than a couple of hours, and possibly even longer. But this is where the help of a domain name generator comes in. Most domain name generators online are free, and take only mere seconds to come up with a domain name. You can use your defined keywords to get started, and you could even find clever names that you have never considered before. 


Act fast!

Just as mentioned above, new domain names are constantly being registered by thousands across the world. If you stumble upon technology company names that you like, it is highly recommended that you find the matching domain name, and go for it. Since domain names are a lot like real estate, if you wait around too long thinking about choosing the name, odds are, it will be gone in the blink of an eye especially if you have found a catchy name, because thousands of people are active on the lookout for fine brandable domain names that can be quickly registered. They also do this to sell them in the future for better rates. 


Hence, if you do not act fast and register the name, you can live through the trouble of seeing it being sold for ten times the price a year later. Keep in mind that domain names are relatively cheap, so acting fast and buying it on the spot is a good idea, especially because if you change your mind, you can simply let it expire. 


Finding the right name for your tech company

Finding the technology company names can be seen as the new elevator pitch of yesteryear. The only difference is that, before it was around 30 seconds, but now it is, unfortunately, only 22 seconds long. Being in the mind of any prospective customer is a must for every businessman or woman. Settling on a name that packs every punch of an elevator pitch is important in this regard. 


Keep in mind that the average attention span of a person is around eight seconds long. This means that the average person is likely to grasp around seven things a minute. Because there are 480 minutes in a regular eight-hour workday, things become very serious. 


Forgettable technology company names are usually parts of the overwhelming background noise. But that perfect name is the one that stands out. 


A pivot in your thinking is required.

Do you want to work on the technology company name ideas that grasp your potential customers’ ideas? Your first step should be to decide while keeping it as the front of mind for yourself and your future customers. Also, your name is the first thing that will be seen to others, and remember, first impressions matter. Many small businesses mistake working on technology company name ideas after they finish up all of their other duties. 


But most right-minded company owners keep this issue in the back of their heads while they attend everything else that needs attention. Firstly, any business owner should remember that the company’s right name is an integral part of your product. It should not be seen as an afterthought that solely describes the product. Secondly, settling on technology names should take you a full dedicated two days minimum. The name should be the result of extensive brainstorming and discussion, and not be left as a back burner.  


Many customers are likely to hear your company name before they fully understand your niche and what you do. A catchy and good name is more likely to bounce around a potential customer’s subconsciousness until they hear more about it.


The solution

You should always look for a sticky company name, a name that can tell your story, put short, you want it to grab the hell out of that customer’s attention.


Some people who are busy with company startups might see the action of dedicating a full day to picking a business name as a complete waste of time. But this can be the biggest mistake in this regard. You should always see this as time well spent, and a pretty good investment. The process of choosing a name should not be any different than finding a web domain, logistics, or even a POS system. Skipping out on such matters can prove to be more than just a nuance. 


Assembling a shortlist of names

If you need a bit of guidance on how you should get your brainstorming session up and running, here is a quick checklist.


  • Twitter-friendly name: The technology names you settle on should be Twitter-friendly. Imagine the name looking good with a “@” in front of it. Keeping the character count low is also a good tip to remember. If your character count is over 20, many potential and current customers will have a rather tough time remembering the name. Do not think about abbreviations, because this could make it hard for you to be found. Lastly, you should have a consistent name throughout different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. P.S many websites can help you see the availability of the names across platforms. 


  • Keep it internet-oriented: Keep in mind that your company name should be easily searched on hubs like Google, Google News, and many different social media platforms. This should be a priority before you decide to take further steps. Your future branding and identity will never take off if they cannot be discovered across the simplest of access points. If the technology domain you settle on is very common, there is a high chance that it already has a page or two on the Google search result page. This is the perfect weather to fail.


  • Take it easy: Focus on a name that is easy to spell, remember, and say. If a future customer has a hard time saying your company name, odds are they will forget about it fast. It is also no use if they cannot remember it, or even spell it. A catchy name that sticks with a lot of people is already a promotion in itself. Imagine such a free promotion disappearing just because your company name was too complex. Remember, if a second grader can spell the name of your business, odds will spread faster with word of mouth. 


  • Spread your essence: The name you settle on should express the essence of your business. If you can manage to add your distinctiveness to the name, that is even better. Some technology domains can even be the harmony of two separate words mixed into one. Short exotic names in different languages can even be a good choice when brainstorming. For example, a name like “Abacus” is great for financial companies that do things like an audit. The sky can be the limit when it comes to mixing and matching technology names.


  • Be unique: As mentioned previously, concerning finding a domain name, being unique is the key. You should settle on a name that can set you apart from the competition. Before you start brainstorming, you should make a list of different companies in the same industries. You can refer to this list to see how similar the technology company name ideas you have chosen are to those in the industry. After that, you can choose the name that best stands out from the crowd and demands the attention it deserves. If you overlook this tactic, and don’t do enough research, you can end up with names that have greatly been overused. Many tech companies like you are likely to overuse words such as “bot” or simply use names that end with a “.ly.” 


  • A name that grows with your company: A bakery such as a dessert maker may start adding other foods to their menus. And an oil change business could add tire change to their services. Many small businesses are more than likely to grow, pivot, and evolve as time passes. It is important to keep the brand recognition you have and allow room for gradual growth. Locking your business into a single section of the industry you are in can prove to be more than a frustrating experience. 


  • Have a name with a story: Many great brands in history have all had great stories tied to their names. Technology company name ideas should not be any different. Just because you sell tech products, does not mean that you should have dull robotic names. Most consumers are likely to search for more than just a product. They are also looking for brands that they can connect with on emotional levels. Having a business name that has a catchy story behind it will make you less of just another business and more of character. You are more likely to forget a simple business rather than an interesting character. Just because you have not had a specific case that led you to start a tech company does not mean that you should have a boring name. Anything incident with an interesting story will surely do. 


  • Find a name with a positive meaning: Business names with negative connotations can cause you trouble right from the get-go. Many companies in the past have faced this troubling mishap. A technology domain that is not welcomed even in a different language can have obscene and negative effects on your popularity as a brand. If the name you settle on is not commonly known, and foreign, you should do your best to discover the true meaning. 


So then, you have your guidelines to brainstorm the hell out of your technology company names. But your work is not done yet. Down below, you will find a more filtered checklist of what to look for when settling on the company name once and for all. 


Checking the availability of the name

As a responsible business owner, you have to make sure that the name you are looking to settle on is available. This step can be quite tricky, because a person can have the rights to a name, even if they do not use it. Running a simple Google search can help you get started in discovering the availability of a name. It also would not hurt to do a professional trademark search of the name. Also, checking with your local Government body that is responsible for the trademark is a good idea. 


Check domain availability.

As mentioned above, your online domain name is as important as your tech company name. You should naturally check to see if the domain is available to use. It would be a pain to decide on a name only to pay a high price to a domain squatter to get the “.com” URL you are looking for. If you do find the domain name you want, it is a good idea to pay for it as quickly as possible to avoid the trouble of finding a different technology domain.


Don’t forget your SEO!

You should research the name and its SEO friendliness. There are many tools available on the web that can help you reach SEO heaven. How? These tools can help you determine the popularity of the name when it comes to paid and organic searches. If the name you have settled on is highly competitive with a company that dominates the SEO space, you should have more luck settling on a different, less competitive name. 


The test!

You should be willing to test the technology company names you have decided on with a group of people. This group can be a focus group, or just people around you. It would be better to ask people who are not familiar with what you know and guess on your trade. This can give you a good idea of how things look from the outside.