If you are starting a business in Retail industry, this list of domains will be the strongest candidates to launching your brand.

Retail store names can determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by helping businesses grab customers' attention. You need to consider a variety of things before generating business names for a retail store that you own.


Selling products through retail stores can be challenging because of fierce competition. Customers have a variety of choices when it comes to visiting retail stores and comparing different products. Therefore, you need to grab their attention at first sight if you want them to become your potential buyers. You need to utilize some tactics to find the right retail store names. On the following list, you will understand the concept better or even have some insights about what the potential name of your retail store can be. 


Tips for Generating Effective Retail Store Names

Keep it Simple

It is one of the best practices that you can utilize while trying to find retail store names. The short and snappy retail business names are always effective because the audience can easily pronounce them and memorize. Besides that, you can put that name on every major campaign or homepage effortlessly. However, it is not that easy to find the names because other creative people think the same and know these tactics. There are thousands of retail businesses in this industry with exciting names. If you want to be among them, you need to work on these strategies.

You can try a combination of simple words that rhymes with each other and portrays your retail business essentials. For instance, Snack Shack can be a great example of that strategy.

You can also change the simple word or use the one that is not existing. For instance, the famous worldwide brands such as eBay, Google, or Skype took their names from using this strategy. None of the words mentioned above have an actual meaning in any language, but as they grow, more and more people started to recognize the business name without even knowing its meaning.

Trying out personal names can be a good idea too. If you are a retail store that sells dog food or such things, it would be great if you name your business after your pet. Using your name is another strategy that can be used in this sense. It is easier for customers to identify your retail store if you used your name on the personal brand.

Make a Difference

At this stage, you need to do market research about your competitors and analyze their retail business names. Try to identify why they used that name and come up with the idea that it is entirely different from that. The challenging part here is to find those words because they should match your business's niche and increase brand awareness. For instance, if you are a retail business that focuses on technology products, there is a high chance that the competitors use a combination of words such as technology or electronics in their retail business names. Analyze them and try to find more appealing and unique business names for retail stores.

Effect on Online Presence

Once you have some ideas about retail store names that you can use, the next step should be to consider the online presence and how it can affect it. Most businesses would like to take dot com while choosing domains. However, keep in mind that it is the most used TLD (top-level domain) name. It is crucial to have a custom domain name that sends a positive message about your business and includes the initial name. The online presence is vital for the success of current retail stores, so, this decision should be well thought out just like finding the retail store names in the first place. It is better to do a little market research about available names and choose the unique one. If your domain name overlaps with another provider, the customers will confuse them, and as a result, you might lose potential audience and money.

How to choose creative domain names for retail stores?

For those of you who could not find the dot com extension for their domains, do not worry because there are other formidable options. Everyone recognizes dot com, and therefore it is easier for people to remember and get used to the name. However, that does not mean that you cannot be successful without it. Additionally, you will have a chance in the feature to change the extension into .com. For example, an online retail store Tattly took tatt + "ly" as their primary domain name while they started the business. As time went by, they initially changed their extension to com, and since then, the website is known as tattly dot com.

There are some disadvantages to taking these unique extensions for many Google search engine experts. They think that unique extensions on the domain names are not recognized as .com, and SERP results would put your website on later pages. However, if you run a great digital marketing campaign and drive organic traffic while having a user-friendly website that should not bother you at all, choosing a different domain name extension can be a good idea if we consider the uniqueness and relation between the domain name and your initial business name.

You can check these modifiers to have a better idea of what we are talking about.

The sequence of words can come as

  • Brand Name + Main Product that you are selling + domain name extension (Example: flairroofs + .com)
  • Shop + Brand Name + Domain Name extension (Example: jackbootsshop + .com)
  • Get + The product or service + domain name extension (Example: getboots + .com)
  • The brand name + co + domain name extension (Example: bootsshopco + .com)
  • Related Verb + Retail Store names + domain name extension (Example: wearjackboots + .com)
  • Retail Business names + industry that you are in + domain name extension (Example: lifeinspirit + home + .com)
  • My/your + retail store name + domain name extension (Example: yourboots + .com)

You can also consider these domain name extensions for your website:

  • .shop
  • .store.
  • The extensions based on the products or fields in which you are going to provide services: .shirts, .art, .shoes, etc.
  • The continuation of the retail store name can also be applied here. For instance, vegas7 + (.games) or Luigi + .art, etc. 

Be Unique

After you come up with the domain names for your business, check if it is legal to take it. By entering The US Trademark and Patent office's website, you can check the database and see if you can take it. The portal is available for several states, so you need to find the official website for your living area. If you intend to take the domain extension from other countries, check the similar type of portals that those countries have regarding the trademark issues.

After you complete this part, go on search engines that you use and analyze the first and second pages. If you choose a too generic name for a domain and brand, there is a high chance that you would not get ranked there. This leads us to other essential points that you need to focus on to create effective, specific, and user-friendly retail store names. 

Be unforgettable

The trends are changing fast in today's market. However, by choosing the unique brand name, you can stay evergreen. Catchy and easily memorable names are better in terms of consumers because once they see it, it will stick to their minds.

Avoid unusual spelling in brand names.

You need to choose the words for the brand name, which can be easily spelled by customers. Therefore, they can find it easier next time whenever they want to look at your platform. Besides spelling, the pronunciation of the brand name is also essential. If you choose long words for business names that are hard to pronounce, you will put another burden on your way.

Keep it as simple as possible.

You need to avoid extra hyphens and special characters in retail business names. Most of the directory listings favor names that start with closer letters to A than Z because their working scheme is alphabetical.

Make Sense

Although we mentioned that meaningless but catchy words could work great for your brand, there is a possibility that it can hit backward. For instance, let's say that you choose a meaningless word that is catchy and relatable to your brand, but it translates into a curse word in another language. To avoid negative consequences from these issues, it is better to check it several times before finalizing the process.

For instance, there were several instances in history regarding this case. There was a local business in Poland that was called "Fart Bar," which indeed means lucky bar in their language. Another example comes from Ghana's "Pee Cola," which is translated as "very good Cola" in the local language. I think it is not that hard to think about the first impressions of tourists who bought that product. It is better to check your facts so that you would not be embarrassed after naming your retail store.  

Give customers a clue.

You need to adopt retail store names that can somehow explain the products that you are selling or services that you provide. Matching business names with these aspects can work great for the future of your business.

Which aspects can improve your chances of getting the best Retail Store name?

Focusing on the Niche

As you probably know, retail is a large business that can consist of many subcategories. You need to clearly define the area that you work on and do a niche marketing campaign. You may have a retail store that sells pet supplements, accessories, women bags, or grooming products. In any case, your brand name should include the words that are defining the niche area. Apparently, it will be helpful in the logo design process, too, because the designer will be able to put your brand name on the logo confidently.

Connecting brand personality and the store name

For those of you who do not have a clue about the term, brand personality refers to the entities with human characteristics. For instance, Nike has a brand personality of "excitement" as the world leader in sport's shoes and performance apparel; it perfectly fits their overall marketing strategy. Greek Mythology inspires the logo design of the company. It looks like the Goddess of Victory Nike's wings, which symbolizes power, motivation, and speed. So, to impact the potential customer base, you have to create a connection between your brand identity and store name. 

Brand Name Generator?

Various tools can help you to find retail store names. These tools can help you to come up with more exciting options. You need to consider the fact that those tools are machines, and they cannot exactly find the names that are perfect fits with your brand identity. Though, they can help you by providing available options on which you can work on and reach the final result.

Find Related Words

It would be best if you wrote down the retail store names that come up to your mind. As you wrote, you can utilize the following tools to find various meanings of those words and mix them for a better result. 


Pinero described this tool as thesaurus on steroids. It is a fair description because using this tool allows you to type any word that you want to name your store after and choose one of the available options.

Urban Dictionary

You can take some unique ideas from this source

Visual Thesaurus

This tool will feel like a video game for you, and it is very entertaining to search for different words here.

Testing Process

All the significant platforms from social media accounts to websites and brochures will include your retail store name, so you need to test them on those platforms before using them. You can ask your graphic designer to create a logo based on a variety of options that you want to choose and see the results. In that case, there would be enough time for you to evaluate the visual from the customer's point of view and analyze the lacking aspects of appearance. The testing process should include the trademark issue that we have covered previously. Imagine that you used a trademarked name and one large company that has the patent sues you. As a result, it will bankrupt your newly started business, which is very risky.

Getting appropriate Feedback

After you decide which name to choose for your retail business, you need to get feedback from others to make sure that this is the one. Reach out to the close people, your friends, family members, and the objective ones. Ask them about the name to see if there are any missing points or lacks in the name that you found. You may contact potential customers whom you do not personally know and ask them about their feedback too. By doing this, you will definitely find the perfect retail store names for your business. 

Examples of Great Store Names

Death Wish Coffee

As you can see, the owners of this store came up with a creative brand name that identifies the quality of their product and provides a meaningful message. They advertise the idea that this coffee shop offers the strongest coffees, and the brand name perfectly matches the initial idea.

Super Ink Clothing

This Retail store mainly focuses on selling printed clothes to a specific segment of the audience. They provide creative accessories and clothing materials for people. The brand name perfectly describes what they offer without getting descriptive, which is the key to every great retail store name.

The Sock Market

It is one of the retail store names that may seem simple, but its strategy is very successful. By adding the article, they indicate that this brand is "the" place that you need to go for finding high quality and creative socks.


At first sight, you might not get the meaning of the term because only some demographics are interested in this. Original Cotopaxi is the active volcano that is located in Ecuador. The retail store that used this term as their brand name sells outdoor gear, which perfectly explains the real meaning behind the term and the relation between two aspects. The customer base that follows these types of businesses are well aware of the Cotopaxi volcano, and that is why they see this brand name as a very creative and exciting approach.

Conquest maps

It is an online retail store that mainly specializes in multiple map designs, including pinboard maps. The name of the store creates an idea about their brand identity. If we consider the fact that mainly extensive travelers use pinboard maps, it will be easier to understand why this brand name is a perfect fit. So, they came up with a creative brand name, and they found the one that appeals to the target customer base.

United By Blue

As you would imagine, the brand is focusing on environmental issues and aims to protect the earth's waterways and oceans. The main products that the retail store sells are the ones that help the pole to enjoy outdoors. The brand name establishes a strong sense of community. It is a memorable, meaningful, and unique brand name that explains the priority of the business. 

What should you avoid while deciding on retail store names?

Mistake #1

As we already mentioned, getting feedback from your close ones is excellent for brainstorming the ideas and seeing things from a different perspective. However, there can be negative consequences too. If you meet them at once and ask them to share their views on the name, it can create a few problems. First of all, you may hurt their feelings by not choosing or liking the idea presented. Second of all, if you take everyone's opinion seriously, the chosen name would not be that effective.

The better method is only involving the ones that want the best for the company's features and can put their egos aside. Another addition can be made regarding the right-brain type of people. You need to focus on involving those people rather than left-brain types. The reason for that is that the right-brain types are more creative; on the other hand, the retail store name propositions by left-brain type people would be too descriptive and literal.

Mistake #2

Forcing the name and creating meaningless and complex words for store names is always a bad idea. You need to avoid colliding two words, especially verbs and nouns, to create a so-called "creative" retail store name. The examples may include previously named businesses like QualiServe, Corpand Tron, Ameri Tech, TranquiSpa, etc. As you can see, they have forced names that are hard to pronounce and look awful. So, do not try to put out two words that do not rhyme with each other or do not have a rational meaning in combinations.

Mistake #3

Using generic words in the retail store names is another mistake that you can make. Keep in mind the first companies that have done that may get lucky and be famous with this label. However, if you used it now, it would not work that way. For instance, the brand names such as General Electronic or General Motors get away with this method because they were the first famous companies who used them. However, imagine that Yandex comes as a General Internet directory and becomes successful. Is there any chance of that? You guessed it right, there is absolutely no chance. You need to display your niche and focus on uniqueness while trying to find business names for a retail store.

Mistake #4

Naming your business according to the place that you created it, is a mistake. As your company grows, it will hinder the brand's success because the prejudice would be entitled to you regarding the name. For instance, St. Pete Plumbing is a great company. However, most of the audience who sees this headline on their brand name thinks that the brand is only providing services in St. Petersburg. That can lead you to lose some money and future customers. The other examples can be Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining, which changed their brand name to 3M and Kentucky Fried Chicken, which changed the brand name to KFC and became a worldwide famous company. So, do not put the city names into your retail store names. 

Mistake #5

Once you go through available choices and eliminate descriptive and literal ones, you need to use metaphors. While doing so, try not to use cliché phrases. For instance, as you enter the business, you need to set the tone that you are on top of the industry. Many companies, such as Peak, Apex, Summit, or Pinnacle, used it beforehand, and these types of names are somehow overworked. Instead of this, you can use a combination of positive words with initial meaning and relation with your company. For instance, let's take Iron Mountain, which is the data storage company. Without sounding too cliché, they managed to convey security and strength.

Mistake #6

It is always great to have a brand name that has an initial meaning or significance for you. However, while doing so, you need to consider the fact that it can be too obscure. Customers should know what the name is all about and should understand, comprehend it easily. While trying to reach out to the mass audiences, you need to avoid such things. For instance, let's say that you found a word from old Latin phrases and named your retail company. Do you think that the customers will get the meaning after seeing it or would be able to relate to that product/brand? The answer is obviously no. You need to consider the target audience while naming your business because the vogue phrases and words cannot always work well.

Mistake #7

There is a practice around some retail companies that are about misspelling the initial name differently to match the domain name. As a result, those brand names sound like a drug prescription rather than a retail brand. Many companies used letter K instead of Q or Ph instead of an F, which resulted in disappointment. Invented names can work, but not all the time. While doing so, you need to make sure that rewards are higher than the risks. Marginal brand names that worked include Kodak, Xerox, and more. However, to make this name acceptable by large masses, they used thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. So, it is best to avoid this practice if you would not be able to do the same.

Final Points

There are several methods that people can utilize for finding retail store names. They need to consider various factors and be prepared, test the names throughout the process accordingly. The process is not that easy, and you need to keep in mind that professional naming agencies spend around six weeks to months to come up with legitimate retail business names. You need to utilize all the resources to find the best option by considering the initial meaning, customer appeal, the relation of the term, and your brand identity. Foresee the opportunities, and generate a brand name that is not only evergreen but also is creative.