Written on 07.27.2020

The Beginners Guide to Cheap Domain Names

Cheap domain names are determined by its “popularity,” meaning there is a demand for cheap domains as the registration and renewal costs start to increase.
The Beginners Guide to Cheap Domain Names

Aftandil Shahbazli


With social distancing and quarantine placed on just about everywhere in the world, you wish you bought the cheap domain names that were once abundant in number. You might be new to this idea of “online business” or “online marketing,” one thing that is not probably new to you is owning a website. Why might you ask? Owning an online site is like owning a personal space in a mall where hundreds or even more visitors every day buy or discover the mesmerizing brands that grab the average consumer’s attention.


The only difference you will have between a physical mall, and an online domain is in this very sentence. Since a mall is a physical location, if a customer forgets the name, he or she can simply visit the shop. This is where the conflict occurs, if your potensial customer cannot remember the name of your website, they cannot just pay you a visit. Odds are, they will skip out on you, and go for the ones they remember. 


Finding Cheap Domains is easy


Getting to that level of high discoverability can be a walk in the park, if you know what to do. This is especially true for those looking for software company names. You will need to follow some essential guidelines religiously if you are planning on succeeding in the quest to find cheap domain names. It will not be a hard task once you fully understand what it is you are looking for. Brainstorming is one of the main things you will have to work on when finding a domain name. Adding other people who are involved in the project to the brainstorming sessions is also a good idea. Remember, two heads are better than one. You might even find the domain name of your dreams on the first try, but odds are you can do better by improvising, adapting, and overcoming! So then, what is the hype on cheap domain names? Let’s find out!


What are cheap domain names


Domain simply means an easily recognizable name given to a particular website for easy access. If one is to take a closer look at the working mechanism behind a domain, it gets deeper. Just like everything in the world and the universe, the internet deals with numbers. Every electrical device with access to the internet has a special Internet Protocol address, which is sometimes known as the “IP.” The IP address does all the work for you. It accesses the website’s servers and grabs the necessary information, so the average Joe can easily access whatever he was searching for.


So why not just use the IP address itself? The answer is simple as stated before, IP addresses deal with numbers, and not everyone has the patience to memorize or keep a handy dandy book with themselves to check or gain particular information from a domain. The IP address is registered to the Domain name, making it easier for everyone and anyone living anywhere. 


Let’s make it more technical, when a visitor visits one of the cheap domain names you have purchased the IP address does a quick search of the domain name server system and brings back the results in seconds in your chosen browser. 


This all might sound like rocket science, but in conclusion, the average consumer or user easily accessed massive amounts of content at the touch of the fingertip. Instead of using a complex string of numbers, you can purchase the cheapest domain names for your online business. This can be especially helpful for those looking for marketing company names.


Domain Extensions


cheap domain names


Domain extensions, also known as “top-level domains,” are the words or letters that come after the domain name. Mainly domain extensions signify the purpose of the website’s location or mission. Take as an example, a website ending with “.com” means it is a commercial website or “.academy” could say it is a website adopted by higher learning institutions. Every domain extension has a specific purpose.


There are over 1,000 domain extensions to choose from, and it is regulated and managed by the International Corporation for Numbers and assigned names, which is generally known as ICANN. 


Whether you hate it or love it, extensions are what you get when purchasing a particular domain. Legally speaking, you have the right to buy cheap domain name as you wish as long as the name does not violate anyone’s rights, or it has not been taken by someone else. Since there is an abundant number of extension domain names, choosing one is not the issue. Cheap domain names are determined by its “popularity,” meaning there is a demand for cheap domain names as the registration and renewal costs start to increase.


Domain does not mean Hosting!


Amateurs and newbies alike often confuse themselves by thinking that purchasing a domain name means they can host their data and content on the domain itself. That is not the case Domain and Hosting are two different things and have different costs. When you purchase a domain, you direct your potential customer or visitor to your website. Hosting is where all of your data and content is stored. Meaning the customers or the visitors access your hosting servers to view the information you have posted through the domain you have purchased.


Most hosting providers for the web also offer reliable registrar services. Nevertheless, as a business model, you are not forced to register your newly bought cheap domain names with your hosting provider. You have the freedom to choose many different services and companies that work best for you. However, registering your domain with the offered hosting provider has its benefits. For starters, you only pay for one company. This is recommended because, as an amateur and a newbie, you will get lost in all areas of work. And keeping track of your expenses and being able to easily handle your business should be your number one priority. Secondly, if you are a fan of cookies and milk, you will love the fact that in order to attract customers, some providers have a treat of offering a free domain as a gift for the first year for their new members.


Registrar for Domain Names


After choosing and paying for your preferred domain extensions registration and renewal fees, the Domain Name Registrar will take care of all the essential workloads and assignments of your chosen domain. The DNR will also register your preferred domain name to your website’s IP address. Word to the wise, your domain name selected Registrar must be officially recognized and authorized by ICANN if they want to qualify as a “registrar.”


As a website owner, you must also know that after purchasing a domain, the “registration services” are also included. After you have paid and the transaction is complete, the Domain Name Registrar does not own your domain extension or the domain you have paid for. This means if, at any given time, you are dissatisfied with the services that you receive, by keeping your current domain name and extension, you can quickly transfer to another company of your choosing. However, if you do not pay renewal fees, you will be forced to choose a new domain when choosing another company. Primarily, if you maintain your website and pay the renewal fees on time, you can keep your site as long as you deem necessary.


What is the going price for Domains?


There are many cheap domain names, and the price of these domain names fluctuates, usually due to various reasons. The most influential factor is the reputation of the domain extension and its availability. The cheapest domain names typically start from $16.00 a year. Since you will be a new customer for the first year, you will only pay less than you are due every year. This is one of the alluring promotional features that you will be offered and should take advantage of.


To keep your website running after the first year, you will have to pay the original price for your domain for the upcoming year if you want to register your domain for the forthcoming years for security reasons you can.


It should be noted that domain names and extensions are like gold and silver in the online world. Depending on their popularity and catchiness, you can expect to pay a hefty price if you are looking for a formal or business-oriented website. Such expensive sites can cost more than hundreds of euros or dollars, depending on your region. If you are thinking of purchasing an existing domain, you will pay even more. 


What do you get for the domain payments?


get cheap domain names


Domain Name Registrar takes care of the essential services that your domain requires throughout the year. These services include registering your chosen domain and appointing it to your IP address and the ICANN fee’s annual price. The ICANN fee currently costs $0.18 annually. Some Domain Name Registrars also offer the privacy and security of your website. By paying a bit more, you can keep your site hidden from exposing information to the WHOIS database. This is an additional service for those who care about their privacy and location from being exposed online. It is recommended to read the fine print thoroughly to protect yourself from hidden fees and to protect yourself from unnecessary future expenses.


Choosing a Good Name for your Company


The domain name you settle on for your business is essential, especially when it comes to you, building a presence on the internet, and the identity you want to create. Domain names will also be one of the main things a visitor will be greeted with when they arrive on your website, and first impressions do matter. This makes it crucial to take the time to dwell on a domain name, before you jump to the cheapest one. You could even be looking for tech company names, or any business you are looking to open. If you are not sure where to start when choosing cheap domain names, here are a few tips to get you started on your route. 


The catchy name means interested customers!


Choosing cheap domain names can be quite the hassle, on the one hand, you want the most remarkable name for your domain; on the other hand, you want it to represent your business. Before coming up with a catchy title, one thing to keep in mind is to understand that the name of your website should at least give some idea to the visitor on what they will expect when clicking on your website. The best method would be to use your own company’s name. This is an excellent marketing scheme and a unique way for your visitors to become your potential customers. It is also recommended to include your business location, motto, or any other attributes.


Don’t make it hard on yourself.


Suppose you are looking for creative company names, and the names you have found are hard to pronounce or you could even remember your doing something wrong. Website names are supposed to be easy to remember, not Shakespear poems using numbers or hyphens will confuse your visitors. In essence, the less letters or numbers, the better. Often because of the complexity of a particular website name, visitors click on website names that are easier to read and pronounce. The best method is to pronounce the website name out loud.


The availability and legality of a domain


There are some dos and don’ts when purchasing a domain name. You have to make sure the domain name you want is available, meaning it is not purchased to check if your chosen domain name is possible to search in your preferred browser the word database of WHOIS . The database has a list of every registered database online. If the cheap domain names you want are already taken, you can easily find the contact information through its database. Another thing to keep in mind is the legal issues. Cheap domain names of your choosing must not have trademarks of another company or governmental institutions. This is especially true for anyone who wants to settle on financial business names.


Use generators for domain names


Just like the Random Number Generator, a generator for a domain name has the same complex algorithms that keep coming up with random but meaningful cheap domain names for your website business. This is ideal if you have run out of ideas, or the domain name you are looking for is already taken. Domain Name Generator uses vital information about your website and creates for you meaningful domain names.


What to expect when using Domain Registrars


You probably think I will buy cheap domain names and be done with it. But there is more than that meets the eye. Not every registrar is created equal. Here are some lists of things to keep in mind when looking for one.


Proper License and a Strong Reputation


As mentioned earlier, cheap domain names registrars have to pay an annual fee and legalize the ICANN’s domain transaction. This is a crucial step, and it is recommended that you check that ICANN legalizes your chosen cheap domain names and extensions. Many shady business practices often hide this step. To gain ICANN approval, companies must meet a certain number of requirements. This ensures safe and reliable business practices.


There is a list of legal and safe registrars that you can choose with ICANN. You can use this list to quickly identify the safe and reliable companies to do business with. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a reputable company, you must research your own. 


Good Customer Support


Just like in any business, customer support is essential to domain business as well. The domain registrar of your choosing must have a reliable customer support feature for seamless and smooth interaction. It is best to read and get as much information as possible before proceeding with a particular domain registrar. To get as much information about a specific domain registrar, you must read all the necessary FAQ sections. And it is always best to check out what kind of contact information the domain registrar provides is by phone or by email. These precautions might not seem as important at first glance, but if you are planning on investing in a particular domain registrar, it is best to get as much information about them as possible.


Final thoughts


Cheap domain names can be a lifesaver for many businesses that are getting a fresh start. After considering many crucial aspects of domain creation, you will start to understand that the route to success is not just about acquiring the most expensive domain. Finding short and memorable cheap domain names can be enough to get you started on a path to financial glory. If you have come across a memorable and cheap domain name, but are unsure about its future popularity, worry not. Because if you focus on advertising in the future, you will not have a hard time building on your domain name’s popularity. By now, the trick is to settle on a website name that is short, simple, and effective. 


This also goes for the extension you are looking to use. Cheap domain names with “.com” extensions are usually the best way to go. They can offer you a chance to show your legitimacy as a new business. Consider carefully and settle on the best option, because changing a domain name in the future, will prove to be costlier than you can expect. 

Your brand’s cosmic growth starts today.

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