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Production Company Names: 19 Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

Maybe your name is too long to come up with the production company names ideas. It may also feel dull and uninspiring, primarily when it's spoken out loud.
Production Company Names: 19 Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

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As of 2019, there were more than 12,000 production corporations in the United States. That’s 12,000+ unique registered company names. Coming up with cool production company names is easier than ever! We will go over the steps that you need to take in order to create a catchy, informative, simple, and most importantly, a unique name for your production company.

Before beginning with the 19 ways to brainstorm production company name ideas, let's clarify some few pointers. Choosing a production name can be challenging due to several reasons. It's not that straightforward as most people think.

When you begin with the naming process, numerous names that come up will outrightly be ignored. Scarcely will the first name be accepted by the whole group. It happens, but the probability that it will be the same for you is less. That means you have to go through the process outlined in this guide.

What makes the naming process a little challenging, for the most part, is finding a name that portrays your production and the values it represents. However, we assure you that you'll be in a better position to generate better names for your production company if you follow the process discussed in this guide.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

19 Ways To Brainstorm Production Company Names Ideas

The following guidelines will help you generate cool and catchy production corporation names. And also include vital examples from reputable production companies. At the end of the guide, you'll develop a brand name that incorporates the vision and core mandate.

Consider Using Your Name

production company names

Using your name is the most direct and time-tested way to name your production company. It's simple. It's bold, and it emphasizes you. Some successful companies tried it, and it worked for them, for example, LucasFilm, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Walt Disney Pictures, etc. 

Are you concerned that your name may not have the production name vibe? If so, consider using a pseudonym. A good example is Gary Sanchez productions. Adam McKay and Will Ferrell came up with the name after a Paraguayan financier and Paraguayan fictional character.

Make The Name Short, If Possible An Acronym

Maybe your name is too long to come up with the production company names ideas. It may also feel dull and uninspiring, primarily when it's spoken out loud. If that's the case, keep your name short or name your production company with an acronym of your name.

This method worked wonderfully for the following production companies:

  • LD Entertainment - Liddell Entertainment, Mickey Liddell
  • TSG Entertainment - The Seelig Group Entertainment, Chip Seelig

If it still doesn’t work for you, try using a series of letters from, for instance, the end or middle of an alphabet like IJK Production or IJK Films. However, you must tread carefully not to use a name already taken.

Try Using Numbers, If Possible 

Under normal circumstances, including numbers may not be advisable when generating names for other businesses such as software company names. But with production corporation names, there’s an exception. 

If you want to make your name clear, short, and straight to the point, you can include numbers in the company names. With numbers, you can bring out your company’s purpose in a vivid way. Take, for example, 3 Arts Entertainment that produces work in three artistic channels: television, film, and dark arts.

Using numbers can also mean something relevant to your company, or it could be personal. For example, your birthday, a street address that captures a moment, etc. Christopher Columbus made a perfect example of what we are trying to put across. That is the 1492 Pictures.

Name Your Company After A Family

As you are about to kickstart your production business, there may be a family member who played a massive role in making the production possible. It could be for other reasons, but you can harness the name of a family in your company name. 

Paul Thomas Anderson's father played a character in The Late Night Horror Show on Cleveland television. So he named his Ghoulardi Film Company after his dad's role. You could also take a broader perspective and consider your four-legged family member like what Natalie Portman did. She named her Handsomecharlie Films after her dog named Charlie. 

Also, Charlize Theron named her Denver and Delilah Productions after her two dogs. Even though names derived from family can honor relatives, it can also do more harm than good. An example is Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax, named after their father Max and mother Miriam.

Use Company Names That Includes Beauty

Yes, production company names ideas are almost without limitation compared to financial business names or tech company names. Even still, you should be mindful of the name you choose as it can bring your production company down before it begins.  

If your film or television production focuses on beauty in the world, whether in the animal kingdom or movies, you can incorporate it in your company name, for example, Lotus Entertainment, Magnolia Pictures, or Drew Barrymore's Flower Productions.

Botanical names do not limit you. You can choose any name that carries the same idea of beauty, such as Egg Sandwich Entertainment or Little Red Car Productions.

Use Your Work As A Reference

One practical way to name your production company is to remind your target audience of the previous work you did. With that, you can let them know what to look out for from your company. 

If you worked on a short film or wrote a script, you can integrate it with your cool production company names. A good example is from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Adam Sandler did the same thing for his Happy Madison Productions when he starred in a comedy blockbuster in the mid-90s.

Use Someone’s Work As A Reference

Maybe you haven't starred in production before, or you're inspired by artists that preceded you. You can honor them by generating a perfect name from their names or anything related to them.

Electric Avenue from Will Arnett was named after Eddy Grant's 1982 funk song. Red Hour Productions from Ben Stiller got the name after a 1967 Star Trek episode. James Franco merged two literary heroes, Rabbit Angstrom by John Updike and Arturo Bandini, by John Fante to come up with Bandini Productions.

Integrate Nostalgic Name Ideas

You can draw company name ideas from the past, from childhood to a powerful moment in your life. With that, you can develop unique names for your company, for example, Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment, Rockinghorse Films, or even Head Gear Films.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool to generate a company name. So take the time to draw inspiration. You would be surprised by the name that comes to mind.

Think Outside The Box

production company names

Numerous successful production companies developed their names from broader ideas. The company name should not be too general that it would question as to what you do. At the same time, it should also convey a sense of relevance to your audience.

You can take Dimension Films, Legacy Pictures, Millennium Films, and several others, for example. You can try searching the internet if you're having a difficult time coming up with a perfect name.

Try Going The Corporate Way

Another way to name your production company is by using corporate-sounding names like marketing company names. An example is the IM Global.

If you don’t want to make your production name so serious, you can try generating names like Worldwide Pants by David Letterman, Zanin Corp by Zach Kanin, or Nicholas Stroller’s Stroller Global Solutions.

With a closer look, you’ll realize the business name is a blend of the person’s name and a corporate name. You can be creative and generate similar names but powerful, unique, and full of vibrance.

Focus On The Superlative Essence Of Your Production’s Work

When you take a look at your production work, what name (in one or two words) can you use to describe it? Does it have a superior essence like the name Paramount Pictures? Does it portray the highest level of something like the name Summit Entertainment?

Maybe you're an excellent test taker like Grade A Entertainment. Many creative company names have used the same method to come up with something unique. 

Being Modest Can Work

Instead of going high in your expectations like in the previous point, you can go low by being modest in a humorous way. This method is also excellent, especially if you don't want to convey that you're forcing way too much.

Consider production names such as Plan B Entertainment by Brad Pitt, or Working Title Films. You can take ideas from apathetic production names like Why Not Productions and low profile names like Anonymous Content.

Keep It Local

production company names

You can also generate your business name from referencing particular places. It can be your birth town, a place that portrays what your business stands for, or areas that are important to you or a place with a name that sounds cool.

Production corporation names that utilize specific places make room for their audience to know and get a better idea of where they came from. Due to that, they can relate with you on human terms, not business terms.

Here’s an example of what we mean. Annapurna Pictures comes from the name of a mountain in Nepal. Megan Ellison, the founder, got that name when she visited the mountain while traveling.

Another example is Walden Media, which got its name from a Walden pond in Concord, Massachusetts. The Walden pond became famous due to Henry David Thoreau. Furthermore, Kerry Washington named his Simpson Street from the street where he grew up. Other general, but more evocative names include Lakeshore Entertainment.

Try The “Road” Name

Maybe your production entails the idea of an adventure. The vision of your production portrays the idea of not staying at a place permanently, but always moving. You can incorporate that idea when brainstorming cool production company names.

You can use the name "road" to convey the idea of adventure for your company name. There are tons of reputable production company names that have used the "road" name and made it work. Here's an example: Open Road Films, Village Roadshow, Roadside Attractions, A24 (a highway in Italy), etc.

Explain What You Do

You can generate production names that hint the type of projects you’ll produce as a production company. It’s unique and attention-grabbing while at the same time distinguishing you from other productions by making it clear to people what you do.

Here are good examples of what we mean:

  • Genre-centered Blinding Edge Pictures by M. Night Shyamalan
  • Bad Robot Productions by J.J. Abrams
  • Documentary-focused like Jigsaw Productions by Alex Gibney

Descriptive studio names, such as mentioned above, convey a clear brand for your company.

Get Technical

production company names

Another way to generate cool production company names is by referencing the technical features of your production. For example, Francis Ford Coppola got his American Zoetrope from a pre-film device for animation that was analog. The device was able to create an illusion of motion of an image through the rotating of multiple 3D objects or images.

Other examples include Focus Features, Blueprint Films, and technical, and scientific-sounding names such as Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Try Reversing The Name

You can reverse your name for your company name, like what Oprah Winfrey did with her Harpo Productions.

You can create unique and authentic names from this method. And you don't have to use your name if it doesn't work necessarily. Try other names by spelling it backward or generating another business name from an actual name.

Come Up With A New Word

You can create a unique word by combining two existing words. Some of the reputable production companies that coined the original name include:

  • Desilu Productions, which is a combination of Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball
  • Pixar Animation Studios combined radar and "pixer," a made-up word generated by Alvy Ray Smith, co-founder of Pixar 

Take Your surroundings Into Consideration

Sometimes, you need to take a look around to get inspiration. Find something out of the ordinary that connects with your production or the message behind the company. You can, of course, use ordinary objects, but you must be careful that the name does not become too generic.

Some production companies did a spectacular job such as Paper Kite Productions, Goldfinch Studios, Orange Studios, etc. We are confident you can come up with better names than these. It looks and sounds simple, right? Give it a try.

We may never find what was going through the minds of the producers that came up with those names, but you can still come up with something unique regardless.

Precautions In Brainstorming Production Company Names

Brainstorming catchy production company names is not worth the time if the name is already registered or available. As a new production company, you need to create a robust online presence to build your production online and direct new people to your work online.

It's critical to get a simple and clear domain name for your production company. First, while brainstorming, you should consider website name ideas that will bond well with your company name and online name.

Secondly, you can check the US Trademark Office to find out if your domain name is available. If the name is available, come up with innovative ways to tweak yours. But be careful the company name doesn't look similar or sound like a name already taken. It will not be genuine, and it might cause legal issues in the future.

Another way is to check our steps outlined in this guide to come up with a better and unique company name.

Final Thoughts

You need to take considerable time to come up with the right production name that portrays your message uniquely and memorably and also embody the purpose of the production.

You can find authentic production company names through brainstorming ideas. Use the name generator software, but they lack creativity. You may need multiple name generators to develop different name suggestions.Remember to consider domain names while brainstorming for name ideas because your online visibility is as important as your company itself. Check if the name is already available or not. In all, you need to be patient to find the right name that works for you. If you’re facing any challenges, don’t hesitate to call us. We will gladly assist you in finding a great name that works for you. Better yet, why don’t you try out our available domain names? You'd be surprised by what you find. We have fantastic domain names waiting for you.



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