Written on 05.20.2020

Cannabis Company Names: The Right Questions To Ask

We’ll give you vital questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a name from the numerous cannabis company names you’ve generated.
Cannabis Company Names: The Right Questions To Ask

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The cannabis industry has grown considerably in the last few years, and it keeps expanding steadily. With this information, You then decide to start a canna-business. So you create your company goals, mission statements, and ideas for your services and products. But, you find it difficult to generate unique cannabis company names for your business.


We understand. You want to create a business name that’s memorable, unique, and stands out from other cannabis company names. It’s not easy to come up with a name with all these qualities. The reason is that the company name you choose will determine how your customers perceive your business. It can also show how you distinguish the company from others.


Ultimately, choosing a name from numerous business names can determine how long you stay in business and how successful the company becomes. So, choosing a great name for your business should be your utmost priority. No pressure, right?


Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. We’ll give you vital questions you need to ask yourself before selecting a name from the numerous cannabis company names you’ve generated.


Before we begin, here are a few pieces of advice you should take note of before choosing cannabis business names.

Let’s dive right in.


Don’t Include “Marijuana” In Your Cannabis Company Names


Most of the top companies in the cannabis market know that a bad name is all it takes to make a company go out of business. However, if you have the right name, you can grow your business and have a unique brand. There are top cannabis companies that don’t have marijuana, pot, cannabis, or weed in their business names.


There are two primary reasons why they intentionally avoided the names:


  1. Cannabis is gaining popularity due to legalization in many countries. However, it was legally an illicit drug a few years ago. Depending on your country, it may not be the best idea to come too strong as a cannabis company.
  2. It’s all about branding. Having a business name that’s unique and subtly direct can help you differentiate your company from other competitors. Plus, it becomes simple to trademark.


So are there no weed company names with cannabis, marijuana, or pot in them? Of course, there are. Besides, some marijuana company names such as WeedMaps, are doing well. You can go ahead with the business name, but make sure it doesn’t affect you in the long run.


Now, let’s get into the questions you need to ask yourself when coming up with cannabis business names.


Questions You Should Ask When Generating Cannabis Company Names


cannabis company names


Generating creative company names can be a tiring and frustrating process, and might get you overwhelmed. Use these questions as a helpful aid to assist you in coming up with an excellent business name for your company.


How Should Your Customers Connect With Your Brand Name?


What is the purpose of your product or service, and how will it make your customers feel? Is there a story behind it? People relate to the cannabis industry on an intimate level. Others, not so much. If you sell your product to your customers, what emotion would you leave them in? 


These questions can help you come up with many words you can mix to generate weed company names. It’s essential to have a vivid picture of what your business should look like in the global market. It can help you create powerful names.


Can The Business Name Stay For A Long Time?


There are different core aspects of your company that will be permanent. Find out if you can reflect or generate a name out of it. The reason is that brands tend to change a lot. Your priority today may not be so tomorrow, and you don’t want a name that will lose its relevance many years to come.


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For example, If your company is a delivery service, speed may be your core aspect. So you can use the word express or swift. Here’s an instance, or


What Names Are My Competitors Using?


Make a list of the names that are in the same niche as you. The reason behind it is to understand the message or meaning behind the names. You should not copy their names, that’s a bad practice. Instead, the purpose is to know why some brand names look confusing, why some names work, and others not working.


Here are some cannabis business names in different groups:


  • Places - Colorado Harvest Company, California Harvest 
  • Personifications - Auntie Dolores, Chong’s choice
  • Wellness - CanniMed
  • Green or Natural - Leafs by Snoop, Terra, Willie’s Reserve

You can check the reviews on your competitor’s business and select the bad ones. The purpose is to analyze patterns and market segments. For example, company A may have the fastest growth in terms of consumer bases, but they may have small cannabis companies that provide for them. By noticing such needs, you can create a specific market for yourself.


Is There A Trademark For The Selected Name?


When you create numerous marijuana company names, check all of them out to know if the names are not trademarked. Failure to do so may cause a lawsuit, which you don’t want as an emerging company. The consequences can be disastrous.


 The place you can start with is the U.S. Patent and Trade office. You can begin on their website. If you don’t find a solution, you can hire a trademark attorney to help you.


Does Your Company Name Have Room To Expand?


cannabis, pot, marijuana, weed company names


It’s essential to have your targeted customers as the foothold of your business. You should provide quality products to your primary consumers, but you also have to make space for other customers or markets outside your brand. It would help if you did not focus on only your customers.


Your services may make your customers happy, but can you acquire big-time investors in your business? Can it be a household name in your state or community?


What Do Other People Think Of The Name?


After generating numerous weed company names, you need to sort website name ideas from other people to know what they think about the name. It can be your colleagues, business partners, friends, etc. However, it’s important only to include the people who genuinely care about your business.


Another alternative is to use services like Survey Monkey to help you decide. Remember, when the tests for the marijuana company names come in, consider the answers, but do not let it persuade you to be the final answer, especially if you think it’s not the best in your opinion.




Generating business names can be tiresome. It needs dedication and lots of energy. If not done well, you may lose time, money, and resources, which can be a massive loss for a starting company. We recommend that you follow through with the questions outlined in this guide.


If you do so, you can find the best cannabis company names through which you can come out with a great company name for your business. Remember, the name of the business is vital, so you should take enough time to come out with the right name.


However, if you’re still facing challenges with coming up with the right name, we can help you with that. We have quality company names that are also perfect for domain names. Contact us right now, and we will gladly assist you.

Your brand’s cosmic growth starts today.

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