Written on 06.23.2020

9 Expert Ideas for Construction Company Names

Remember that construction company names are what people look at first before they decide to work with you or not. First impressions are highly valuable.
9 Expert Ideas for Construction Company Names

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Construction companies are essential when it comes to building residential, commercial complexes, and numerous associated activities. But the competition in the construction industry is fierce, especially if you're new in the construction business. For your construction startup to get noticed, you'll need strong ideas for construction company names


Of course, you'll need other marketing strategies as well to get the full desired results you want. However, make no mistake. If you don't take full effort to come up with a great company name, it'll adversely affect your startup growth.

Here's why.


In the construction sector, you'll need unique strategies to acquire the recognition you want among potential clients. With a catchy, simple, but effective name, you can weather out the fierce competition as the name carries the right message to the specific market and target audience. Names are that powerful.


Remember that construction company names are what people look at first before they decide to work with you or not. First impressions are highly valuable. The business name should tell your audience what you do since there are many construction industry sectors. 


Generating ideas for construction business names can be time-wasting, especially when you're on a deadline. Some can create the right business name in some perfect moments, but it rarely happens to everyone.


No need to worry tho! This guide will help you go through the process of generating construction company names.


Now, let's get into it!


Key Points To Consider Before Generating Construction Company Names


Before you generate your construction business names, you have to consider some key factors. It will help you come up with a unique name for your construction business without wasting much of your resources and, most importantly, time.


Begin In The Right Direction


Before you develop your business name, you need to consider your brand and what you are hoping to build. What is your expectation in the future? You then identify some core ideas vital to the growth of the construction company.


The primary focus of every construction business is quality and trust. People always go in for standard construction company names. However, some companies add other varieties to the element. Whatever element you add, make sure that the name captures the core purpose of your business. 

If you know which direction works best for your business, you can narrow down in generating a name for your company.


Understanding What You're Searching For


Write down your project or business statement after deciding on your business direction. It will help you stay focused when developing names for your construction business.

Take these as examples:


  • We are searching for a name that will make our clients think of us as elegant and professional.
  • We're searching for a high-end and robust name that will show the public that we have their best interest at heart.
  • We need a name that will explain everything we offer simply and straightforwardly.


Most construction companies begin their naming process without taking a significant amount of time to plan. Usually, they either underestimate the naming process or assume inspiration and creativity will give them the results they need in 30 minutes.


After developing thousands of creative company names, we believe a strategic approach is the best way to establish a great name for your business.


What Does Inspire You?




Whatever the type of construction you're venturing into, you'll have other companies that have been in the construction industry for a long time. Find such businesses or competitors and list all their names.


You then decide whether you want your company name to sound like them or develop something unique (we recommend going with the unique). Find out what inspires you in the construction industry or, preferably, what made you enter the construction industry.

Without a precise inspiration, it'll be challenging to come up with proper construction company names.


Envision Your Brand

Before you can generate the right name for your construction company, you need to visualize how you want your brand to look like. Without it, your brand will not come to life. All the names you come up with will be mediocre.


You need to envision your logo, brand, products, packaging, etc. to get a clear idea of how your brand will be like. Let's look at an example:


From the above construction logo, it shows clearly what the company does. And the name gives you an idea of the expectation you'll receive from them if you order their services. Always consider how it will appeal to your clients.

Now, let's find out how to develop an excellent name for your construction company.


 How To Develop Great Construction Company Names In 9 Steps


When developing your company name, ensure that it's generally simple and unique. But the name should spell out your brand values. It's not a simple task, but the following key points will help.


Take Your Niche Into Consideration


First of all, it's a grievous mistake to give your construction company a name before specifying your niche. That's because the construction industry is enormous, with many branches and subsets. 


From land acquisition to financing, designing, and even operating comes with different kinds of construction businesses. You need to carve out your niche or your area of expertise before you consider naming your business.


Are you into general construction or renovation? Are you into real-estate development or construction consulting firms? So you get the idea, layout your niche before you proceed to make it clear to your potential clients. In other words, develop construction business names that show your clients what you exactly do.


Create A Name That Stands Out In Your Niche


It can be challenging, we know, but it's not impossible. You need to stand out because many construction businesses similar to your niche may operate in your locality. Some of them are well-established companies, while others will be actively marketing their brand to get people's attention.


It becomes a sustainable marketing tool to introduce your business to a target audience when you have a unique name that's simple to remember and easy to pronounce. Besides, it's easy to come up with a distinctive construction business logo with an exceptional company name.


Make Your Brand Message Clear


Before you generate your construction business names, make the purpose of your construction business clear. Write it down and use it as a guide in selecting the right business name that can help boost your brand.


When you pick a name for your company, find out if it depicts the sole purpose of your brand or not. If not, consider finding other names. When brainstorming ideas for construction company names, keep the personality of your brand in mind, including the core message. 


That way, when your clients hear the company name, they'll also feel and understand the core purpose of your brand. In a nutshell, your business name should contribute to building your brand identity. 


Brainstorm Ideas


You can't develop ideas for construction company names without brainstorming. You need to have numerous brainstorming sessions to come up with a compelling business name. Search for other trusted people to join in, especially if you already have some names down, so that they can make some inputs. 


Aside from that, trusted people (colleagues, friends, business partners, etc.) can generate a list of company name ideas. Assemble all the names and gradually shortlist them by using the pros and cons. 


Remember to discuss the pros and cons and ensure that it's in line with the company's objective and vision. Use the names that get the most vote.


Business Name Generators Can Help


There are numerous business name generators out there, and most of them are usually free. You can randomly generate an enormous amount of names instantly. You can type in a keyword in your niche, and the software will come up with countless names to choose from.


However, the business name generators are a bunch of algorithms working together. Which means there's usually a lack of creativity. But it can generate some name ideas for you to improve on it. You can use other name generators to get more variety of construction business names.


Go For A Simple And Concise Name


We strongly recommend that you choose a simple construction name. A simple business name makes it crucial for people to remember and recognize your business anytime it's mentioned.


You can try the alliteration strategy where there's a repeat of the same consonant. A typical example is coca-cola. Speak the name out and hear how it sounds like and whether it's simple to pronounce. Also, say it to your colleagues and let them give their opinion on how the name sounds to them.


Check For Domain Name Availability


You need to consider your website domain names when generating your company name. If the name you chose for your construction business does not have available domain names, it's better to change it altogether and find another one.  


You can change the domain extensions and variations. For example, if the construction name is not available in ".com," you can try ".net." However, we recommend that you stick to ".com" because it's popular and more people are familiar with it.


If you have, for example, Pinnacle Builders as your construction name, people will automatically use ".com" to search for your domain name. Due to that, your clients will quickly find your construction business in search engine results. So we recommend developing a name that's unique so that your domain name can stand out.


Trademark Your Construction Name


Aside from the domain name, you need to check if no one has used the name to start a business already. The trademark is the legal way to start your business under your construction name.


With a trademark, you can conduct your business safely without any infringements from other competitors. You can use the to check if your business name is a registered name or not. You can also use to check for the availability of your name.


Get Feedback


Since you're part of the whole company naming process, you can sometimes make mistakes in getting a name that works for everyone. You can solve this problem by finding people who can give an honest and neutral opinion. Ensure that these people have your business interest at heart. It's very critical.


One effective way is to run a social media poll and ask your followers to select the best name out of the top listed construction company names. It's the right approach because these people could be your clients or play a role in your brand. If they choose a name, the majority of the people will likely like it too.


Bonus - You Can Use Your Name Instead


If you're facing the challenge of developing the right business name for your company, you can opt for your name. You can use your first or last name and attach one of the following names to it: builders, contractors, constructors, or construction. Examples of such business names include Turner Construction, Burns Brothers Construction, The Hanson Builders, etc. 


With such a name, your client can feel a personal touch and will be more comfortable to work with you. It's almost as if you introduced yourself to your potential clients. However, the downside is that it may be challenging to sell the company in the future. But if selling the business is not part of the plan, then you have nothing to worry about. 


Sometimes, you can attach the region or locality to your construction name. However, it may be a challenge when you want to branch out in the future. For example, Chicago Bridge & Iron Company is a great name, but it may not be easy if they're going to expand to other states. So if you plan to reach other places, then it's not advisable to add your region to it. 


Examples of Excellent Construction Company Names


construction company names


Here are a few examples of proper construction names to draw inspiration from. It's not advisable to tweak the name and use it as your business name. Instead, get creative and develop something unique.


Level Up


Level up is a simple, unique construction name. When you think of Level Up, you think of building a better and bigger home, apartment, etc. it depicts an image of better, more significant, and quality, which is the exact thing you desire when you hire a construction company.




Atlease is a real estate development company that uses the play of words very well. That is, "at least" and "at last," meaning that you can have "at least" an excellent place to stay "at last." 

The name is short, which means you can remember easily, especially with the play of words. The company clearly understood what they were searching for as a brand and nailed it.

Their statement for finding the perfect name probably went something like this: We are searching for a name that lets our clients know who we are the moment they see or hear the name.




RedoRx is a construction and renovation company, and you can see what they offer in the name "Redo." That's a great name choice for a company that specializes in the renovation. 

A closer look again, you'll see that the last two words "RX" looks like a prescription. In terms of construction, they'll offer you a prescription by getting things done the right way.


Final Thoughts

It's not a simple task to name your construction company. Finding a business name that's simple, unique, catchy, and memorable can take a massive toll on you. But if you're able to overcome this feat, the reward can be exhilarating.


When generating the construction company names, make sure to check the names of your competitors. It should help you become creative in developing your business name. However, don't twist your competitor's name to come up with yours. The results can be devastating in the future.


Finally, ensure that your business name is perfect for domain names. Sometimes, you can use the domain name to generate your company name. That's because domain names are usually simple, catchy, and all the unique features that make a name memorable. 


If you need to generate the construction company names, we can help you. All you need to do is contact us, and we will give you the perfect name for your construction business at competitive prices. We'll even give you a free logo, design concepts for your business cards or website. Find out how it works now!

Your brand’s cosmic growth starts today.

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